Track all your NFTs in one place.
Fast, easy and simple.

The ULTIMATE NFT management tool. The ULTIMATE solution for any serious NFT enthusiast to keep track of their NFTs.

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NFT Ping
NFT Ping

Save Time And Money

Taking care of your NFTs and your wallet has never been easier

Be the first to know what's happening across all of your NFT collections. Never be in the dark again. NFT Ping notifies you any time anything happens with your NFTs.

Stay on top of your collection and don’t miss a thing with NFT Ping.

NFT Ping

Stop losing money

Receive notifications on events across your NFT collection. Especially those that can give you money: whitelists and airdrops.

NFT Ping

Get the most out of your NFT collection

Traveling? Not a problem. Get notified and join every raffle thanks to fast notifications from NFT Ping and a direct link to the event (if possible).

NFT Ping

Get Web3 news

The crypto world is changing every day. You need NFT Ping to stay up to date, make the right decisions and elevate your game.

NFT-gated access. Of course.

Can you imagine an NFT monitoring tool not accessible through an NFT?

Those who invested early in the community already received their NFT access passes to the platform.

985 NFTs have already been minted. There will be a total of 5000 NFTs. 4800 Genesis NFTs and 200 VIP NFTs.

NFT Ping

Track all your NFTs in one place

NFT Ping

Standard Version

NFT Ping Genesis

  • Access to NFT Ping app granted with paid subscription
  • The ability to track up to 15 projects right from the start
  • 3 extra projects every 6 months, up to 30 projects after 2 years
  • Discord community access
  • Metaverse and NFT News
  • NFT projects reviews
  • Your say in which projects we add next
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VIP Version


  • Everything from the standard version
  • But
  • Only 200 NFTs
  • NFT Ping VIP have lifetime access!
  • NFT Ping VIP do not pay a subscription fee.
  • NFT Ping VIP do not have a limit on the projects they can track.
  • By holding the VIP NFT for a year, you will receive an extra NFT that gives access to NFT Ping. For every single year you hold.
  • Plus
  • Access to a closed community that we will consult regarding the future of the app
  • New project prioritization
  • Early access to our NFT projects reviews
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How will access to NFT Ping work?

  • The NFT Ping Genesis without a paid subscription gives you access to the community and to the NFT Ping platform, but without the notification functionality.
  • The Genesis NFT with a paid subscription and the VIP NFT both give you full access to the platform.
  • The subscription can be paid during the mint or afterwards.
  • The subscription duration is coded in the NFT’s metadata so you can easily verify it before purchasing an NFT.
The longer you are with us the better it gets for you.
  • You can receive notifications for 15 projects right from the start.
  • Every 6 months, you will be able to add another 3 projects.
  • After 2 years, you will be able to track a total of 30 projects.
  • There will also be additional benefits.
  • These will be directly connected to your account and reset when you sell the NFT.


  • September 2022

    • First platform access presale
  • October 2022

    • First weekly Market News Update newsletter sent
  • December 2022

    • The beginning of daily project notifications and the airdrop of the NFT Ping NFTs to the community
  • January 2023

    • New projects added to the daily notifications and the beginning of marketing activities
  • April/May 2023

    • Mint of the remaining NFTs and the start of the platform
  • Q2 2023

    • Platform improvements introduced plus new projects being added to the watchlist
  • Q3 2023

    • Continuous improvements to the platform
  • 2024

    • Expansion to new blockchains and markets beginning with the cryptocurrencies market